Thursday, April 6, 2017

Possible titles

The amazing world of hobos
Mavis in Hoboland or Mavis in Hobotopia or Mavis in Hobohemia
Hobos bizarre adventure
Ludacris and ostentatious magic of hobos
There’s no place like hobo
The Westbound
Mavis and the Westbound
Journey to the Westbound 
Life on the Rails
Legend of Mavis; breath of the hobos
Something hobo this way comes
Hobos and the Westbound
Curious misadventures of Mavis and the westbound
Hobo punch out
Junkyard hobos
The Last Hobo
Mavis the RoadKid
The Sound of Hobos
The Call of the Road
Hobos the Gathering
Mavis and the Westbound: a hobo tale

O hobo where art thou?
Tales of the Rails
There's nobo like showbo

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