Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alice in Hoboland

Alice in Wonderland/Hoboland
Alice lives in an orphanage and it’s not terrible but it’s boring and the embodiment of the color brown. She climbs out the window of the orphanage and goes exploring. She ends up climbing into a train car when it’s at the train yard and it takes off with her in it. She accidentally activates a hobo sign on the train and it takes her into the Hobo World.
            She goes exploring and along the way we find out that the hobo world has become unbalanced.  If Alice wants to go home she has to find several key hobos and help them set the world right.  The Hobo world used to be easily traversed using hobo sign and hobos would travel the rails all over and in-between these two worlds. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong and now you can only travel one way-into the hobo world. Also the hobo world has become more dangerous and unstable.

            Alice isn’t super interested in fixing this world but is excited to explore it. However she discovers that her older brother who disappeared a few years ago is here in the hobo world. This becomes her driving motivation, to find her brother in this world and make it back home. Now she is motivated to fix the Hobo world because it makes it easier to find her brother and also they can’t return home unless this world gets fixed.

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