Monday, January 16, 2017

Notes from class discussion

Story/world pitches: first pass:
Wandering rogue/samurai stumbles into ghost town, repair divide between two sides 
Translate into war between tramps and the bums

Young boy searching for his father

Immigrant looking for a place to belong---sets the main character against the backdrop of the hobo life

Main character+sibling invited to house of governor. Wants to find a hobo of legend. Escape death barely, governor assumes you're dead also. Chosen one, build up on hobo powers throughout. Hobos going missing. President using hobos to harness power. Uniting the various factions of hoboism.

Sent out to experience life to learn merits of hobo life (exchange program?)

Connections/network between hobos. Finding belonging wherever you are.

Dichotomy between freedom and responsibility

Jungle book---return non-hobo to regular life

Restricted/restrained start (orphanage/work house, etc.) Mysticism behind hobo culture creates connection between main character and that realm. Find mentor and then expand to open world

Descent into the land of the dead---seeking after family/father and discover he's not there?

Undercover hobo policeman, white rabbit hobo, showing both sides

Unsupported at home---looking for work/supporting self

Thieves' guild/bandits that are opposed to the hobo code

Things it has to be about: hobos tell kids to go home
Hobo symbols---like runes
Sense of brotherhood, looking out for each other
Mysticism wrapped up into the culture. Alternate sight?
Fairies in the in-between spaces
Melting pot of cultures
Other nomadic communities
Culture being destroyed by someone/government. Winding down of the hobo age


Unraveling of an epic yarn
Overcoming insurmountable odds
The sense of freedom and fighting/watching the destruction of it
Pirates "bring me that horizon"
Painting yourself into corners---searching for freedom
Freedom comes from doing it right (honor, brotherhood, etc.)
A sense of danger and puzzle solving/Legend of Zelda
Freedom coming from mastering of skills

Hack and slash? Movement-oriented 
Talking/quest game---quests are free form 
Doing work/mini game-based. Then communicate with hobo network
Unlocking islands
Making the player make choices---every choice increases one freedom and restricts another
Needing food, part of limited choices
Zelda-pace. More to offer in environment, slow character down to appreciate it.

Fun, goofy overall, crazy hobo-filled world.
Sense of freedom given incrementally

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