Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bindle as character?

Joe’s Pitch:
-          Main Character with amnesia. Wants to find her way home. Aquires bindle through different interactions at beginning of game. Then she gets an enchanted pigeon feather from the pigeon man. Told to find someplace that “jogs her memory.” Comes back to the railroad and finds it in disarray. Goes on a quest to find parts to fix the rail. She has to help each of the different factions of hobodom. Antagonist also has amnesia, obsessed with finding somebody. As you help different people, they give you different abilities. Then you meet the queen of the gypsies, who turns out to be your mama. Antagonist turns out to be the chief of police and your bro. Pigeon man is your dad (of course).

Erik’s Pitch:
-          Johnny BeGood is a poor kid with a sick mom. Tells Johnny to find is bro. Sucked into hobotopia. Bro trapped in underworld. Has to face legendary hoboes in hobo-off. Unlocks secrets to hobo magic. You can use it, but if you use it too much it will slowly corrupt you.
-          Bindle is the totem. Imbued with our own magic. Like a wizard’s staff. Everybody has their own totem.
-          To get through the underworld, we have to use magic, but not too much so that you get trapped like them in hell. Balancing act.
-          Find bro, beat the stupid out of him, and escape the underworld- fighting through all the hellbos with your combined power. Final boss is the evil king of hobos (satan on fiddle throne). Get home to mama and heal her witcho powaz.

Kaili’s Pitch:

-          You are in a cramped orphanage with your brother. Hear there’s space and freedom out west. Embark on hobo journey, but you get separated at the station. Meet a hobo who refers you to some more knowledgeable hobos who tell you you can take the westbound train to find your bro, but you need hobomomo to come back. You fight your way all the way through until you eventually get to the underworld, where you fight a final hoboss and rescue your brobo and come back homebo. This one’s for you Joebo.

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