Thursday, February 2, 2017

Notes from Feb 2nd class

trash into treasure: applying this to characters.
            Stuff in costume that is reused/repurposed.
            Hints of old life/what might have been/potential.
            Takes effort to get from trash to treasure/time and energy/not easy/visually show that there is a cost on the freedom-responsibility line.

Underdog/not expected that these people could produce these amazing things.

People that society deems as trash have a chance to shine in the hobo world.
Personal fulfillment-they are who they want to be-this is their dream. One aspect of our theme.

What is the opposite of this theme: what do the enemies represent?

Show a wrongness with them. Contained and restricted. Streamlined and purpose driven but it’s not great.
Enemies behave in a strict regimented pattern.
First read should be their purpose in the world.

How do we express the rightness of hobo world?

Chaos Problem
            Look at Nico Marlet Homeless character as a starting point.
            Examine how Marlet handles appeal and grime together.
            Villain from httyd 2 (chaos and clairity)
Face Shapes
            Also look at Christophe Lautrette (caveman stuff and his default style)
            French design?

Style is about story
            Put together with intent but not finesse
            Not in this world-it’s in its own world maybe younger playful quirkiness
            There should be a textural component.
            Seeking and pushing forward.
Ex: what does the train look like? What elements will be there? Is it threatening?Friendly? 

Florian Satzinger –his machines have that overly complicated stuff/dangerous Dr Seus

First Read/Second Read
            First impression vs what emerges after you look at it for a while.

            It’s a hobo-first read! It’s an assemblage of elements
            What type of hobo?-second read/ i want to be this person or this person is very interesting.

*continue to explore types of hobos-play in each other’s sandboxes and build on ideas.

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