Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hobo - Bindle - Lesson Notes

Johnny Appleseed
-          The best Hobo
-          Help out your fellow hobos, you may need your help someday

 Mechanic (on the train, gears and steampunk)
-          Dowsing rod/compass (guidance)
-          Don’t cause trouble in the train yard?
-          Make your own work?
-          Female?
Junkyard Hobo (Gollum of trash)
-          Ekeltric bindle (power garbage based machines, stun foes for a short time)
-          Respect nature, don’t leave garbage (good version?)
-          Tries to clean up garbage, but just leaves different garbage?
Gypsy Sisters
-          Pie tin (vibration/sound)
-          Don’t take advantage of people who are vulnerable, locals, or other hobos (but the selfish version, take from these people)
-          Plague bindle (rots things)
-          Go home kid, you don’t belong here
Dog Chariot
-          Shoe Bindle (speed abilities)
-          Be a gentleman, respect the law when in town
-          Female?
-          Teaching the stereotypical version of chivalry

 Beach comber (hermit crab guy)
-          Brick bindle (hammer)
-          When no work, use the talents that you have and make your own work but the lazy version of it, finds stuff instead of making it?

 Trash Portal Hobo
-          Portal bindle
-          Respect handouts, don’t use them up – other hobos might need help
-          Used to be a hobo but got lazy and uses his accumulated power to not work

 Bee Beard
-          Sticky bindle (climbing, picking stuff up)
-          Recurring character, not a boss?
-          Pigeon Hobo’s lover

 Pigeon Hobo (female)
-          Bird bindle
-          Recurring character, not a boss
-          Bee Beard’s lover

 Magic Beard Hobo
-          Rope Bindle (swinging, grappling)
-          Decide your own life (good version)

 Green finger
-          Respect nature (negative version, leaves weeds everywhere)
-          Female?

 Coal Dust hobo
-          Fire bindle (light, warmth, short-range projectiles)
-          Decide your own life?
-          Don’t cause trouble in the trainyard?

 Cook Hobo
-          Cheese bindle
-          Stay clean, boil up when possible (wash your hands!)

 Spider lady
-          Bad version of make your own work

 King of the Underworld
-          Decide your own life (evil version)

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