Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Story Beats

Joe's Idea

  • Character wakes up in a train car, with a hobo hovering nearby.
  • Hobo asks who they are, but the character has no memory of who they are or how they got there
  • Hobo tells the kid to go home, and that life on the rails is no place for a child
  • MP come to kick the hobos out of the train, MC and hobo get separated
  • MC gets taken in by a group of gypsy sisters who tell her to stay and travel with them
  • MC decides they need to go back home and is told to see the Pigeon man
  • Pigeon man tells MC that all pigeons know the way home and that the MC needs to find something that will jog their memory.  He suggests going back to the track they came from for clues.
  • The police have shut down and even destroyed some of the rails.  It’s revealed they shut down the rail until they find someone that was on the last train.
  • MC finds an engineer who’s willing to fix the rails if they’re given the proper parts.
  • Parts are found scattered throughout Hobo World
  • Chief of police, young man, also stricken with amnesia says he needs to find someone important, but he can’t remember who or why, but that he feels it’s the MC
  • Hobo world is being overrun by MP who are placing embargos and travel restrictions.  Sealing camps, aggressively attacking hobos, closing railways, and overall being a pain in the butt
  • 4 major sects being affected: Hobos, Gypsies, Tramps, Bums.  Each have their own champions (legends) that are fighting for each rights, resisting the MPs and trying to help their people.
  • MC goes and works with these legends to clear out the MP influence in various areas, creating more freedom as well as obtaining the parts for the main rail.
  • Chief of police is encountered multiple times throughout the game.  But each time he looks more obsessed, chained, and spectre like as he loses himself to his obsession
  • MC enters the main gypsy camp and finds the gypsy sisters who take them to their Queen.  The queen immediately recognizes the MC as their child and informs them that the Hobo world is really the afterlife and the reason they lost their memory is because mortals can’t retain their memories in the Hoboworld while they’re still alive.
  • MC remembers that they hopped on the Westbound because they were looking for someone.
  • Queen demands that MC return home, as it isn’t their time yet.
  • MC finishes gathering the materials to finish the main rail.
  • Before MC can get on the train home the MP (all buffed with dark hobo magic) lay a tremendous siege on all the Hobo settlements and the MC has to go help.
  • MC rushes through all the settlements they helped throughout the game, once again teaming up with the Legends to work their way to where the center of the dark hobo magic is.
  • When the MC reaches the source it is revealed to be the Chief, who is now so corrupted by his obsession that he’s almost unrecognizable.  They battle and critically injure each other.  On death’s door they both regain their memories.
    • The MC boarded the Westbound after their father passed away, hoping to see him again.
    • The Chief is actually the MC’s brother who promised their father and mother to keep the MC safe at all cost and bring them home if they ever got lost.
- The pigeon man appears during the chaos and is revealed to be their father.  He tells them it’s time to go home.  With the help of the Gypsy queen and the Legends they are able to save the MC and Chief and get them on train home.

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