Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Notes from class

we need a way of interacting with hobos that’s the core gameplay.*
            card trading

boss battle with each hobo
street fighter-rpg
it must feel right for the Zelda/mario idea we’re going for.
I challenge you to a hobo off!
It doesn’t need to be antagonistic/searching for hobos is fun/gotta catch ‘em al
Lesser hobos up to legendary hobos or they are all legendary hobos and you have to deal with other npcs

we need to go farther-epic hobos-what makes them so fun?

Junkyard hobo-giant mech that forms

Dog hobo: roman chariot with dogs

Pigeon hobo: you hit him and its just a bunch of pigeons. He’s an ex magician. His coat is just stuffed full of pigeons. He tends to the birds

Hermit crab hobo: carries all this stuff around and when he sets it down he can open the door and walk inside. Extreme backpacker. Reflect hermit crab.
King of rats: coat of rats that looks like a king’s robe but its just rats holding on to each other. His rats form into a giant fist when he fights you.

What is the icon? What makes them unforgettable?
First impression should be unforgettable.

Bee beard: becomes exposed as he uses more extreme moves.

magic beard guy: doc oc with a beard. His feet never touch the ground. Multiple beard legs with the mustache as well.

Trash can portal dweller: portals and can give you the ability to travel- throws trash cans from his trash can to travel. Defeat him by trapping him in an eternal look.
Maybe it’s the string that connects cans that allow him to travel.

Chef hobo: controls his vegetables through dance. (dancing soldiers in wiz of oz) but he’s a terrible dancer but he can keep the beat. Defeat him through stomp style dance moves?

Dandelion head: everywhere he goes weeds pop up. Like a Disney princess but it’s cockroaches. Terrible for people with hay fever. He’s got the worst hay fever of all(Sneezy) like a chia pet where he has so much dirt the weeds can grow on him.

Spider lady hobo: ? figure out how to make her iconic

Soot guy: extremely flammable but can disappear and reappear anywhere on the train. First read must still be hobo and then you add the magical element.

music hobo:  one man band? Made out jug band instruments? Huge guy that carries around the rest of the band.

balloon hobo: has super baggy clothes that inflate and lift him into the sky. He’s got a basket/barrel around him like a hot air balloon. Figure out how to solve the inflation problem.

1890's to 1930's is the time frame we’re pulling from.

Assignment: upgrade our hobos and push them much further. First read must be hobo. 

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