Sunday, February 19, 2017

Older notes on magic I forgot to post

-world has to be about one thing to make the IP be viable.  Has to be about Hobo Magic.
Focus the character's journey to be finding that sibling.  Focus being going into the crazy hobo land.  It's about making it more normalized.  Don't worry about antagonist as much yet.
Hobo underworld doesn't have to be death.  There's just something wrong in this paradise.
Hobo IP is a negative, what makes this thing special?  Zombie hobos? Don't know!!

Journey is about character who accidentally catches the train westbound.

What is the relationship between the magic and the hobo underworld?
What kind of opportunities does the hobo magic represent?
Is the hobo underworld just a place where there's a pocket of magic for hobos?  Or is it a place of death?
-it's like they died but really they're just stuck there, like a limbo world?
-can be a compelling place but also a scary place?
-underworld can be a level in the hobo world? One section that's scary death?
-"Catching the westbound" is the world of the hobos.  Only one place is death.

What is hobo magic?
-Runes? Talismans inscribed with runes? Each have sacks of runes.  (Throws it to the feet of the other wizard and a hole appears.  Or forms a staircase.  Touch on to stuff and creates things)
-how you can manipulate the world around you but you must know the language? Draw symbols on something.  Manipulate matter.  Cartoon, funniest thing?
-music?  Instruments?  Spoons?  Mouth harp?  Pulling magic out of everyday objects.  Coaxing energy and redirect it.  Spirits

-What are the limitations?  What keeps them from taking over the world?
-Don't have a lot of control.  Unpredictability.
-Each character's magic was different.  An expression of self.  Quirky, bees, fleas, sticky to each character.
-powers have to stay in the hobo realm.

-What is the source of the magic?
-Always existed but it's running out and they're the keepers of the ancient secrets.
-connection between hobos and ancient magic/religion.
-The lifestyle allows the magic.  What makes that tie?
-nature magic.  Becoming one with the universe/nature.  Giving up one's possessions and becoming a nomad.
-riding the rails is what gives them energy/magic.
-Rails is what gives magic and contains it to hobos and this time period.  Too contained?
-personality transforms into fantastical.  Achieving nirvana in your own personal power.

Is this a power that seeps into people...little things that float in and out of reality...???
-hobo hell--they got exactly what they wanted- personality to an extreme.  Become what they are to an extreme.
Balance with freedom.  Check yo self before yo wreck yo self.
"Ultimate freedom also imprisons"

There is power in the concept of the frontier.
What is the frontier? Convergence of exploration and safety/retreat.
-middle between freedom and imprisonment
-big rock candy mountain:fantastical and unknown.
Giving up the power makes you receive power.


Magic with something that is a power of the universe.  Becoming one with the universe, exploration of self.  Extreme end creates its own prison.  Our character will see all of that and come to the conclusion in the end that safety and freedom have to go together.  Responsibility trade-off.
Brother is a person to save.  Save them from their fate type of boss battle.

How do we manifest this hobo magic and spectrum of freedom and responsibility?

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